How Does A Cheating Spouse Investigation Work? Find Out Here!

Have you noticed odd behavior with your wife or husband recently? They may have become distant in terms of intimacy or developed suspicious phone habits, keeping secrets from you. These are common signs of infidelity, and if you suspect that your spouse is cheating, it may be best to assuage your worries by hiring a private investigator.

A skilled private investigator can help to obtain important information that clients may not be able to provide themselves. They will be able to produce concrete evidence proving cheating behavior and prepare a detailed report of what was discovered. Additionally, the investigator can also provide testimony of the evidence during divorce trials in court.

The Investigation Process:

  • Consulting the Client

    • Before the private investigator begins their pursuit of the truth, they will consult with the client. Within the discussion, the investigator may ask about certain information, such as the spouse’s workplace, potential affair partners, daily activities, and hobbies. 
    • The more information the client is able to provide, the more successful the investigator would be. The private investigator would also be able to recommend certain services that can lead to better chances of catching your spouse red-handed. 
  • Surveilling the Spouse

    • The private investigator will monitor your spouse using advanced surveillance methods in order to obtain the irrefutable evidence you need. 
    • Here is a list of some of the surveillance technologies that investigators use:
      • Photograph
      • Videos in real-time
      • GPS tracking
      • Audio recordings
      • Asset searches
      • Internet monitoring
  • Presenting the Evidence

    • Once the evidence has been gathered, the private investigator will write a detailed report of their findings. Confidentiality of the client is always maintained, and only upon request will the professional report be submitted to court to serve as irrefutable evidence supporting the case.

What to Expect From a Cheating Spouse Investigation

Like any investigation, investigating a cheating spouse takes time and can range anytime from a few weeks to months. Patience is key when obtaining concrete evidence that can effectively support you. Regardless of the length of the investigation, you can be assured that the private investigator will actively pursue your case and get the information that you desire.

Throughout the investigation, you will remain in control of how the investigation proceeds. The investigator will listen to any concerns and requests you may have, and investigate your spouse according to your terms. You can expect regular updates about the status of the investigation, and decide what to do with the information gathered. 

At any point in time, you can be assured that your privacy is protected and that the investigation is carried out without your spouse’s or other investigation subjects’ knowledge. In the event where no unfaithful behavior is discovered, you can have the option of getting back to your relationship without misunderstandings involved

Talk to a Private Investigator Today

If worries about your spouse are causing you stress and affecting your marriage, talk to a private investigator today. Whether it is to know for certain or to obtain concrete evidence, the results from a cheating spouse investigation can stop you from overthinking matters and give you peace of mind. 

If you are looking for a reliable investigation consultancy, DP Quest is here to assist. We provide professional help and advice no matter your challenges and needs. For more information, contact us for a free consultation today.



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